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Information on accessing health services from Lakes District Health Board.

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Doctors and primary health organisations

Your general practitioner or family doctor is the person who provides most of your primary health care. They’re the person you go to if you’re sick or if you need a check-up. Go to Visiting a doctor to find out more.

General practitioners belong to primary health organisations (PHOs). PHOs are funded by district health boards.

Enrolling with a primary health organisation means you get cheaper doctor visits and prescription fees. Go to Primary health organisations to find out more.

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Your dentist provides care to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Having regular dental checks means they can pick up on problems early, before they get too bad. Go to Visiting a dentist to find out more.

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Find dental care for children

Children aged 0–17 can receive free dental care.

Lakes DHB runs a free Community Oral Health Service for preschool and primary-aged children.

  • Phone 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583) to find out about enrolling your child
  • Lakes DHB website – some dentists will provide free dental care for older children – find out which ones

Maternity services

Maternity services are free for New Zealand residents and other eligible women. When you are pregnant you can choose a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) to provide and coordinate the majority of your maternity care. Visit Your Lead Maternity Carer to find out more.

You can choose where to give birth to your baby, either at home or in a small maternity unit (primary maternity facility) or larger maternity hospital (secondary or tertiary maternity facility). Visit Choosing where to give birth to find out more.

Find a Lead Maternity Carer

  • Phone 0800 MUM 2 BE (0800 686 223) to request a list of names and phone numbers of LMCs in your area
  • New Zealand College of Midwives website
  • You can also look for ‘midwives’ in the Yellow Pages

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Māori health providers

Māori health providers are primary health care services that operate within a distinctively Māori kaupapa and delivery framework. They tend to deliver health and disability services mostly to Māori clients – although you don’t have to be Māori to attend a Māori health provider.

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Rest homes

Rest homes and other residential care facilities are places which provide live-in care to people who are no longer able or wish to live independently. This may include continuing care for people who have been in hospital, dementia care, and specialised hospital care. Go to Long-term residential care to find out more.

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Hospitals and specialist services

Hospitals provide quality care for serious health problems and illnesses. Their services include emergency departments and medical, surgical and maternity services.

Specialist services cater for people who have conditions that need more focused medical attention, such as cancer and some types of surgery. Go to Hospitals and specialist care to find out more.

Services for people who don’t need to be treated right away are called Electives. Go to Elective services to find out about treatment waiting times and how the system works.

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Other health services

Many other health services are available, such as your local chemist, physiotherapy and mental health services.

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