Emergency Road Ambulance Services

Emergency Road Ambulance Services (ERAS) operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They respond to medical and accident emergencies, treat patients at the scene, and if necessary transport them to hospital or another location such as an A&M clinic. A range of vehicles are used such as four-wheel drive vehicles, rapid response units, motorcycles and other specialist vehicles to ensure people can be reached at any hour of the day in almost any terrain, weather or situation.

ERAS also provide:

  • Inter-hospital Transfer (IHT) Services for accident-related patients (within 24 hours) and medical-related patients within (3 hours) who need a higher level of care following arriving at hospital by ambulance
  • Paramedics to crew Emergency Air Ambulance Services.

In New Zealand there are two Emergency Road Ambulance Service (ERAS) providers:

  • St John
  • Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA).

St John delivers ERAS to all of New Zealand except for the greater Wellington region (including the Wairarapa) which is serviced by WFA.

For a copy of the service specifications see the Generic Service Agreements page.

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