Emergency Air Ambulance Services

Emergency Air Ambulance Services (EAAS) operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They respond to medical and accident emergencies, treat patients at the scene, and, if necessary transport them to hospital. A range of aircraft is used including helicopters (rotary) and aeroplanes (fixed wing) equipped with suitable lifesaving and resuscitation equipment.

EAAS also provide:

  • Inter-hospital Transfer (IHT) Services for accident-related patients (within 24 hours) and medical-related patients within (three hours) who need a higher level of care following arrival at hospital by ambulance.

Emergency Road Ambulance Service (ERAS) providers (St John and WFA) provide paramedic staff for EAAS missions and DHBs provide medical staff as required. Individual EAAS providers have arrangements in place with an ERAS provider and DHB(s) for the provision of paramedic and medical staff respectively for the delivery of EAAS.

For a copy of the service specifications see the Generic Service Agreements page.

What other services do these providers deliver?

EAAS providers deliver a range of other services such as:

  • search and rescue (SAR) missions funded by SAR Coordinating Authorities which are Police and the New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre
  • inter-hospital transfer missions funded by District Health Boards
  • fire service missions funded by the New Zealand Fire Service
  • commercial services, eg, television crews, tourists.

These other services are funded through separate arrangements with other agencies and not included in the new ACC/Ministry EAAS Funding Model.

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