Clinical Leadership and Governance

National Clinical Leadership Group (NCLG)

Established by the ambulance sector, NCLG provides a consistent approach to all clinical issues across the New Zealand ambulance sector. The Group focuses on:

  • progressing the clinical aspects of the New Zealand Ambulance Service Strategy
  • providing direction where mandated
  • developing effective links to individual service’s clinical governance processes to promote consultation and enable feedback to improve the development of clinical systems, process and frameworks.

The NCLG does not have executive authority within the ambulance sector and acts through a commitment by the ambulance sector to the Terms of Reference of the Group. The ambulance sector assists the NCLG to exercise its responsibilities by:

  • providing appropriate support, data and information
  • committing to implement agreed policies, procedures and standing orders
  • accepting clinical advice as provided.

The Group is chaired by the Chief Medical Officer from the Ministry of Health.

Membership consists of: ACC Medical Advisor; NASO Group Manager, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance Clinical and Medical Directors, Defence Clinical Director, other members as agreed by the Committee.

Clinical Procedures and Guidelines

The Clinical  Procedures and Guidelines are for use by St John and Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA) personnel, with current authority to practice, when providing clinical care to patients on behalf of St John or WFA.

The Clinical Procedures and Guidelines are reviewed and updated  regularly. They are the intellectual property of the National Ambulance Sector Clinical Working Group (NASCWG) and may be recalled or updated at any time.

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