Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS)

Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS) are part of the first line in the continuum of health care. They respond to medical emergencies and accidents, treat patients at the scene and, if necessary, transport them to hospital. The primary role for EAS providers is to meet emergency pre-hospital care needs.

EAS aims to make a positive impact on patient outcomes by providing the right care, at the right time, in the right place, delivered by the right person. For more information read Roadside to Bedside (PDF, 278KB).

NASO manages funding from ACC and the Ministry for the following Emergency Ambulance Services:

ERAS and EAAS are authorised and dispatched through the Ambulance Communications Centre and fall into two service types:

  • Primary retrieval for emergency accident or medical-related missions for eligible people
  • Inter-hospital Transfer (IHT) missions within 24 hours for accident-related or three hours for medical-related missions.

ACC and the Ministry of Health also fund:

  • PRIME (Primary Response in Medical Emergency) Services

DHBs fund:

  • IHT missions after 24 hours for accident-related or three hours for medical-related missions and other types of IHT services.

Note: NASO does not manage the funding for these DHB contracted services.

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