Capital Investment Committee

The Capital Investment Committee (CIC) is a section 11 committee which provides advice to the Ministers of Health and Finance on the prioritisation and allocation of funding for capital investment and health infrastructure.  

CIC offers a valuable source of independent advice to Ministers on multiple large scale health capital projects underway around New Zealand.

CIC usually meets monthly.

Objectives and key tasks

The CIC provides independent advice to the Director-General of Health and the Ministers of Health and Finance on capital investment and infrastructure in the public health sector in line with Government priorities. This includes working with DHBs to review their business case proposals, prioritisation of capital investment, delivery of a National Asset Management Plan, and any other matters that the Minister may refer to it.

DHB Capital Projects

DHBs have a responsibility to maintain and update their hospital facilities. When projects require capital investment, the decision requires approval of the Ministers of Health and Finance.

Any capital investment projects initiated after 2009, or any changes of scope to projects initiated prior to 2009, are subject to the Capital Assessment Guidelines.

Find out more about the major CIC approved projects currently underway:

Capital Assessment Guidelines

The Capital Assessment Guidelines set out the criteria and process that the CIC use in forming its advice to Ministers on the assessment, prioritisation and sequencing of capital investment proposals from DHBs and the Ministry of Health.

The guidelines include a high level description of the expectations required at each stage in the business case development process:

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