Health target publications

Publications relating to the health targets, such as the booklets highlighting innovative approaches to improving services covered by the health targets.

Health target results are not reported in the publications below. See How is my DHB performing? for the health target results.


  • Published 02 March 2011
    People in New Zealand have high expectations that they will have good access to health care services when they need them. This publication looks at health care system that continues to deliver for patients.
  • Published 02 November 2009
    This publication provides information on each of the six health targets for 2009/10 and describes how progress will be measured in each target area. It lists the agreed target levels for each District Health Board.
  • Published 02 October 2008
    The results of the first year of Health Targets – 2007/08. They capture a small part of what is necessary and important to the health of New Zealanders – the aim was to provide a greater focus for action and lift health system performance in priority health and disability areas.  
  • Published 08 August 2007
    Health Targets should be seen within the context of the broader health priority that they are part of. They are indicative of progress in a wider range of services provided in each priority area. The Targets are also one part of a comprehensive performance management and accountability system in the health sector. They are designed to challenge the health system as a whole to continue to do better.
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