Previous health target: More heart and diabetes checks

The More heart and diabetes checks results are no longer reported as a health target.

From July 2016 results have been included as a DHB accountability measure and results continue to be made available in the current source data and graphs.

What was achieved?

Since the More heart and diabetes checks health target began in 2012 more than one million cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk assessments have been reported. The coverage rate increased from 49% to 90% of the population cohort reaching the coverage goal in September 2016. It is a considerable achievement that the national coverage goal was reached, albeit later than originally specified (June 2014). Four DHBs achieved 90% coverage in the originally specified timeframe, with a further 11 DHBs achieving the coverage goal by December 2015.

For more details, refer to an evaluation of how well the target was implemented and what difference the target made published in August 2016:

The Ministry is updating the cardiovascular disease risk assessment guidelines. The guideline revision will represent a statement of best practice for New Zealanders based on evidence and expert consensus. For more details, refer to the 2016/17 guideline update page.

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