Document examples that confirm eligibility

This page includes examples of documents that might be used to confirm a person’s eligibility.

Sample refugee and protected person letters

A person who has or is applying for refugee or protection status will be able to provide a document that looks similar to one of the letters linked below.

If they are appealing a decision not to recognise them as a refugee or protected person they will have a letter that refers to an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. No sample is available at present but, if you are presented with a letter of this kind, check carefully that the appeal is for refugee or protected status and not on some other ground (eg, appeal of a removal order).

Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Scheme

A person participating in the Ministry of Education’s Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship Scheme will have a certificate of participation similar to the one linked below.

Proof that a child is in the process of being adopted

An example of a letter from Adoption Services proving that a child is in the process of being adopted is provided below.

Where the adoption involves the New Zealand Family Court, a similar letter from a Family Court case officer is also acceptable. The letter should be recent, include the full names of the applicants and the child they are seeking to adopt, and state that the adoption application is active.

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