Pregnant woman infected with the HIV virus

Guide to eligibility for publicly funded health and disability services.


Pregnant women who have been infected with the HIV virus are eligible for specific maternity services to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission.

Any pregnant woman who is infected with HIV has free access to:

  • a hospital based lead maternity carer
  • blood tests to determine HIV viral load in the pregnant woman
  • a funded course of antiretroviral drug(s), noting that there is no entitlement to ongoing antiretroviral treatment for the mother
  • information around safe alternatives to breastfeeding
  • a caesarean section for those cases where specialist medical opinion considers that a caesarean section is required for delivery to effectively limit the HIV transmission risk to the child
  • post caesarean section hospitalisation (approximately one week)
  • postnatal hospital visits for the child for the purpose of disease exclusion, that is, to determine the HIV status of the child.

Criteria: B22, Health and Disability Services Eligibility Direction 2011.

Proof of eligibility:

You will need to show your health service provider:

  • your Passport (only to prove your identity) AND
  • proof of your being infected with the HIV virus  (eg. a referral letter from your GP). 

A pregnant woman infected with the HIV virus is eligible for the specified maternity services while she is in New Zealand, irrespective of her immigration status.

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