COVID-19: Testing Strategy and Testing Guidance

The COVID-19 Testing Strategy for Aotearoa/New Zealand gives effect to the Surveillance Strategy and sets out how we’ll support the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Testing Guidance gives details to clinicians on who to test and when to test them.

The COVID-19 Testing Strategy for Aotearoa/New Zealand

Note: The Strategy is currently being updated in light of Omicron, the rapidly evolving outbreak and to reflect the latest evidence. It will be published here when finalised.

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Testing Guidance for the health sector

The Testing Guidance tells the health sector who to test, and why and when to test them. It is updated based on the latest knowledge about the virus and its symptoms, and on current conditions and response settings in New Zealand.

Download the testing guidance

Detailed clinical guidance for health professionals:

Testing Strategy

The COVID-19 testing strategy is currently being updated to reflect the latest evidence and our response to the Omicron outbreak.

The testing approach for phase three of the Omicron outbreak is available to download from this page:

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