Recording COVID-19

Information for recording COVID-19 in a patient's health record.

Last updated: 19 April 2022

This information is for GPs, hospital clinicians and their software industry partners. It should be used to record details of COVID-19 in the affected patient's health record.

You should use the SNOMED CT codes in the table below for case classification, following the case definition and testing guidance for COVID-19. These SNOMED concepts and terms are included in the SNOMED CT New Zealand Edition. If your software does not yet support SNOMED, you will have to use the equivalent Z codes, PMS codes or ICD-10-AM codes. 

Concept SNOMED CT code Z code Medtech code Profile code ICD-10-AM
Confirmed COVID-19 840539006   @MT0.02 COVID19-1 U07.1
Probable COVID-19 50881000210106   @MT0.04    U07.2
Under investigation COVID-19 840544004   @MT0.03 COVID19-2 Z03.8
Not a case 688232241000119100        
Post-acute COVID-19 4-12 weeks 1119303003 Z2201      
Long COVID-19 > 12 weeks 1119304009 Z2202      

Coding for COVID-19 laboratory tests

The March 2020 update to the NZ Pathology Observation Code Sets (NZPOCS) adds a set of COVID-19 test codes and descriptions for laboratories to code test results. See the LOINC website for more information about the new codes.

Contact [email protected] if you need more information.

Guidance for certifying deaths due to COVID-19

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has developed guidelines for health practitioners to use when certifying causes of death for people who died of, or with COVID-19. These guidelines are based on World Health Organization recommendations so are applicable to all countries. The guidelines can be found at Guidance for Certifying Deaths due to COVID-19.

For information about certifying documents online see Completing death documents.

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