COVID-19: Medical transfer (road and air)

Information on international aeromedical transfer of non-COVID-19 patients, and on international or domestic medical transfer of patients with COVID-19 or who meet the clinical criteria for COVID-19.

Last updated: 23 May 2022

International aeromedical transfers of non-COVID patients

New Zealand-based medical attendants

New Zealand-based medical attendants assisting with medical air transfers are exempt from the requirement to undertake 14 days quarantine or isolation on their return to New Zealand under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Order 2020. As they are exempt, it is strongly recommended that they meet certain conditions, both in flight and during layovers, and on their return to New Zealand. 

New Zealand-based medical attendants follow the same guidelines as New Zealand-based air crew who undertake a high risk layover. On return to New Zealand, they must self-isolate, have a COVID-19 test on day two after their arrival into New Zealand, and continue to self-isolate until the result of that test has been returned.

Overseas-based medical attendants

Overseas-based medical attendants are required to enter a managed isolation facility for the duration of their layover in New Zealand, unless they remain airside. They are also required to meet the relevant requirements during the transfer of patients to New Zealand.  

International or domestic transfers of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19

Aeromedical transfer of patients

This document is a national guideline for the transport of patients including suspected and confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. It is intended to inform decision-making by health professionals when considering the aeromedical transfer of patients.

Road ambulance transfer of patients

This document provides guidance on the transport of patients by road ambulance. It is applicable in the COVID-19 environment.

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