Streamlined contracting — questions and answers

A list of questions about the streamlined contracting project.

Why is the government making this change?

This government-wide change is in response to requests from NGOs for a simpler and more efficient contracting process for both parties.

Is the move to the new contracting framework optional?

No. The Ministry of Health is deciding which NGOs will move to the new contracting framework in 2015.

Will my organisation have to do more reporting?

Reporting requirements are being simplified, but while the new format is being introduced, additional reporting may be needed.

What is Results Based Accountability (RBA)?

RBA is a straightforward, practical way of measuring the results of your programmes. Read more about RBA here.

Do we have to use RBA?

Yes. All NGOs moving to the streamlined contracting framework must use RBA.

I understand RBA requires us to collect data about what we are doing. How do we do this?

Data collection is an important part of Results Based Accountability. Training and support to help you set up and collect relevant data will be provided by the Ministry.

What does my organisation have to do now?

No response is required at this stage, but please take time to read about the changes on this website. The Ministry of Health will be in touch with you again in due course.

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