Streamlined contracting — NGO provider information

The Ministry of Health is improving the way it contracts with non-governmental (NGO) providers to make it easier for both parties.

The new streamlined contracting framework documents are simple and understandable, with reporting requirements that are fit for purpose and avoid duplication.

The framework allows NGOs to report to the Ministry with Results Based Accountability, using measures that are comprehensive, inclusive, relevant and realistic.

Disability Support Services


DSS carried out a public consultation from 27 May to 22 July 2015 on the new streamlined contract documents. This consultation builds on earlier consultations with sample groups of providers, disabled persons, their families and whānau.

A report on the consultation will be available from this web page in late 2015.

Contract migration dates

It is expected that DSS contracts will move to streamlined contracts according to this schedule of dates.

Service type Contract migration date 
Community Day Services (formerly Day Programmes) 1-Oct-15
Home and Community Support Services  1-Nov-15
Aged Care Facilities for Younger People with Lifelong Disabilities (formerly Younger Persons in Aged Care) 1-Dec-15
Children’s Residential 1-Dec-15
Community Residential 1-Dec-15
Contract Board 1-Dec-15
Facility Based Respite (formerly Out of Family Respite) 1-Dec-15
Foster Care 1-Dec-15
Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Services (RIDSAS) 1-Dec-15

Other contracts will be migrated in the next phase of the streamlined contracting project.

Update of service specifications

DSS worked with disabled people, family members, carers and providers to update the service specifications for the streamlined contracts. The specifications for each DSS service type include RBA population and client outcomes that were developed collaboratively in workshops with service users, family, whānau and providers.

The new specifications include measures that focus on improving outcomes for people who use disability support services, and clauses recommended by the Putting People First report.

Read more about the review of service specifications.

Public Health Group

Working group

An internal public health working group was established in January 2015 to implement changes to how the Public Health Group purchases services and measures results. This work is in two areas:

  • establish Results Based Accountability (RBA) outcomes, indicators and performance measures for public health programmes
  • transition public and personal health contracts to the streamlined contracting framework.

Process and timing

RBA measures have been developed, based on Public Health's five core functions (eg, health protection and health promotion) and health issues (eg, immunisation and community action youth and drugs). Portfolio managers will negotiate the contracts with NGO providers.

Portfolio managers will contact each provider to advise which of their contracts will transition to the new framework and to guide them in the process.


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