Streamlined contracting — documents and tools

Several documents and tools contribute to the streamlined contracting framework.

Several documents and tools contribute to the streamlined contracting framework.

Framework terms and conditions

The framework terms and conditions is a standard set of general terms and conditions, used across all government agencies. Because the terms and conditions are web-based there is no need to physically sign this document.

These terms and conditions are fairer and more balanced. There is an optional remedy plan to precede termination and a narrower indemnity.

Outcome agreement

The outcome agreement is a contractual document between a government agency and an NGO. It details the specific services to be purchased and records pricing, Results Based Accountability performance measures and reporting requirements.

The template can include additions to the standard terms and conditions. These may include quality specifications, business viability standards, ownership of any intellectual property and agreements on sharing confidential information.

Outcome agreement management plan

The outcome agreement management plan is a flexible document with a large number of optional content sections that can be used (depending on the level of detail required) to manage the outcome agreement. It does not contain any contractual obligations.

Although the use of this plan is encouraged as good contract practice, its use is discretionary, particularly for low-value, low-risk short engagements, for example <$ 50,000 and less than six months duration.

Decision support tool

The decision support tool is an Excel-based risk management tool. It is used when a non-governmental organisation (NGO) is about to contract to government via an outcome agreement. It is not used in the NGO selection process.

The tool scores risks to the contract based on questions relating to historical performance, reputation, reporting, the track record of managers and financial management history. Areas of higher risk are then highlighted and rated, and mitigations suggested.

Government agency agreement

The government agency agreement specifies the binding commitments between government agencies when an NGO provider is being engaged. The NGO itself is not party to this document.

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