Streamlined contracting

The Ministry of Health contracts with a large number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to provide health, disability and social services to people in New Zealand.

As part of a government-wide programme, the Ministry is introducing an improved framework for managing these contracts, in response to requests from NGOs for a simpler interface. Over time, this will increase efficiency and reduce duplication of reporting and compliance costs.


The streamlined contracting framework creates a new standard contract for a government agency that is purchasing services from a NGO provider. The framework should have the same structure, look and feel no matter which government agency uses it.

The framework contains the following elements: 

  • Results Based Accountability: a practical approach to measuring outcomes
  • Framework terms and conditions: standard government terms and conditions
  • An outcome agreement: a common contract template.

Collaboration across agencies

Some NGOs offer a range of services via different government funding agencies. In the longer term, streamlined contracting will enable contract management activity, such as reporting and auditing, to be shared across government agencies and reduce duplication for NGOs.

Also, the common understanding and approach brought by the framework, will enable NGOs to collaborate with each other more easily. By working together, better outcomes for whānau and vulnerable people living in New Zealand will be achieved.

Project timing

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the streamlined contracting project (to generate the new contracts) was completed in mid-2015. This involved setting up processes to begin transitioning NGO contracts, mainly in Disability Support Services and the Public Health Group, to the new contracting framework from June 2015, as they were renewed.

Phase 2

In phase 2, further eligible contracts will be transitioned to streamlined contracting and Results Based Accountability (July to December 2015). From January to June 2016, Results Based Accountability will be embedded in the Ministry’s contract management practice.

More information

Download quick guides

Quick guides provide an overview of the following topics, and are suitable for printing:

Process diagram

Download a diagram showing how Results Based Accountability is used in the Ministry’s contracts, data collection, management and reporting.

Results Based Accountability in action (ppt, 153 KB)

Training workshops and videos

The Ministry for Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) is providing training to help government agencies and NGOs understand more about the contracting framework and Results Based Accountability.

MBIE has also produced a series of videos for personnel involved in different parts of the process.


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