Capability and capacity review

This review was established to provide recommendations to ensure that the updated New Zealand Health Strategy will be well supported.

The review was led by Sue Suckling who has expertise in governance and private and public sector leadership. Sue was supported by a panel of respected experts: Mr Andrew Connolly, Associate Professor Jens Mueller and Mr David Russell.

What the review covered

For the purpose of this review ‘capability and capacity’ was defined as human capability and capacity including governance (both corporate and clinical), leadership, management and delivery.

The capability and capacity review:

  • reviewed the sector arrangements introduced following the Ministerial Review Group (MRG) recommendations, with a particular focus on the capability and capacity gaps that needed to be addressed if the system is to be well placed to meet the medium term challenges before it
  • considered and commented on infrastructure, technology and facilities capability and capacity as it relates to both structural and human resource dimensions.

In particular the review addressed these questions:

  • have the new constructs post the MRG, in relation to human resources capability and capacity, added value?
  • is the current quality of clinical and managerial governance and leadership consistent, adding value and supporting quality service delivery?
  • is the contracting environment, capacity and relationship management between the DHB sector and NGOs best placed to meet health system and users’ needs?
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