National Health Board

The National Health Board (NHB) was a whole-of-system health planning, advice and funding organisation made up of a Board appointed by the Minister of Health and supported by the National Health Board Business Unit within the Ministry of Health.

The NHB was disestablished in March 2016, following an independent review as part of the development of the refreshed New Zealand Health Strategy. The NHB’s functions, including annual and regional funding, monitoring and planning of DHBs, and national service planning and funding have been reabsorbed back into the Ministry of Health. This will assist the Ministry’s leadership role around health sector planning and funding, in alignment to the refreshed New Zealand Health Strategy.

Capital Investment Committee

The Capital Investment Committee (CIC) is a section 11 committee which provides independent advice to the Ministers of Health and Finance on the prioritisation and allocation of funding for capital investment and health infrastructure.

Go to Capital Investment Committee (CIC) to find out more.

National Health IT Board

The National Health IT Board was a sub-committee of the National Health Board, dealing with implementation and use of information systems across the health and disability sector.

The Technology and Digital Services business unit now oversees the Ministry’s eHealth work programme. Go to eHealth to find out more.

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