Implementation of the International Health Regulations

This sequence includes some past events for context’s sake, but sets out the main dates for the International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 implementation.

The review and implementation process.
January 2004 WHO issued draft revised IHR for consideration by member states.
April/June 2004 WHO undertook formal consultation with member states via six regions. New Zealand delegates attended Western Pacific Region consultation in Manila.
October 2004 Second draft revised IHR received.
November 2004 WHO intergovernmental working group meeting to review the detail of the second draft revised IHR.
February 2005 Second WHO intergovernmental working group meeting to review detail and proposed amendments to the revised IHR.
23 May 2005 World Health Assembly adopted IHR 2005.
15 June 2005 WHO Director-General formally notified WHO member states of the adoption of the IHR 2005.
15 June 2007 IHR 2005 entered into force.
June 2009 Member states such as New Zealand need to have assessed the ability of government agencies and existing services to meet the core capacities under the IHR 2005. (See Annex 1 IHR 2005).
June 2012 The core capacities specified in Annex 1 are required to be fully developed and functional by this date.
June 2014 Countries may, on the basis of a justified need, gain an extension to this date for the core capacities.
June 2016 Countries may, in exceptional circumstances, request a further extension up to this date for the core capacities.


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