Radiation Oncology Working Group

Purpose: The Radiation Oncology Working Group provides advice on radiation oncology to the Ministry of Health cancer team and Cancer Programme Leadership Board, the Ministry’s cancer governance body, including:

  • implementation of the actions allocated to the Radiation Oncology Work Group in the Radiation Oncology National Plan, including providing expert advice on the Radiation Oncology Collection Project
  • radiation oncology performance including the achievement against the Faster Cancer Treatment health target and policy priority, monitoring performance, and advising on relevant clinical and service delivery issues related to its achievement specific areas that relate to cancer treatment (eg, equity, clinical effectiveness, service improvement, service development, treatment guidelines, and service standards and tumour standards)
  • technology change for cancer treatment as part of the Cancer Programme’s horizon scanning function
  • advice on workforce and facilities and anticipated future needs
  • any other specific areas as requested by the cancer team or the Cancer Programme Leadership Board

Chair: Dr Giuseppe Sasso, Clinical Leader of Auckland DHB Radiation Oncology

Membership includes:

  • the clinical leaders of all the DHB radiation oncology providers
  • representatives from the private radiation oncology providers
  • nursing representatives
  • radiation therapy representatives
  • medical physics representatives
  • a consumer representative
  • a Service Centre manager.
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