New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT)

New Zealand Health IT (NZHIT) is an industry group of health software companies, partners, consultants and healthcare providers, with a broad range of supporting members including academia, clinicians, researchers and policy makers.

Its members make a significant contribution to the delivery of health services and provide innovative solutions to influence and enable the future direction of health delivery, both in New Zealand and overseas. It works collaboratively with the Ministry of Health on a number of areas and projects to support the ongoing development and uptake of technology in the health sector.

NZHIT is a network of organisations and people who represent the majority of NZ technology industry partners and healthcare providers, and we meet regularly nationwide.

NZHIT's member elected Board is broadly representative of the New Zealand health IT industry and wider health sector, and acts consistently to further advance the NZHIT vision: “Enabling a Healthier New Zealand.”

For further information, please visit the New Zealand Health IT website.

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