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Papers and reports produced by the National Renal Transplant Service.

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Allocation Protocol Issues Register

The Allocation Protocol Issues Register

  • records issues with application of the NZ Kidney Allocation Scheme (NKAS) algorithm, corrective action taken and preventative advice to mitigate against a recurrence,
  • disseminates learnings among other NZ clinical practice sites. 

The register does not replace District Health Board (DHB) or other legally required disclosures.

Algorithm for probability of 5-year post-transplant survival in New Zealand

Transplant Activity Report

The Transplant Activity Report provides information on kidney transplantation activity by renal transplant centre and district health boards.

Australian and New Zealand Paired Kidney Exchange Program (ANZKX)

The New Zealand Kidney Exchange (NZKE) Programme is now cooperating with the Australian programme and has been renamed ANZKX.

You can access the ANZKX user manual on the Donate Life website.

National Kidney Allocation Scheme

The National Kidney Allocation Scheme is an algorithm used for the allocation of deceased donor kidneys and non-directed donor kidneys.

Protocol for Biopsy and Use of Marginal Deceased Donor Kidneys 

This policy describes when and how biopsies are used to assess marginal deceased donor kidneys before transplantation.

National Review Policy for Patients Declined Access to Deceased Donor List

This policy sets out the process for a referring nephrologist to seek a review of a decision by a renal transplant centre to decline access to or remove a patient from the deceased donor waiting list.

Immunisations in adult end stage kidney disease – Recommendations 2018

The Immunisations in adult end stage kidney disease recommendations is a guideline on the vaccines available for dialysis and transplant patients.

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Living Kidney Donors in NZ

The purpose of this guideline is to define the appropriate information and/or investigations that should be completed for evaluation of living kidney donors.

Guidelines for funding travel/accommodation for potential live kidney donors not resident in New Zealand

This provides guidelines for DHB managers and clinicians to assist in the DHB's decisions on funding of travel to New Zealand for potential live kidney donors.

Continuous improvement

What are the components of a quality service for donor and recipient assessment for kidney transplantation? What are expected local variations in processes, and how is equity of access to be assured? This resource aims to answer these questions, and to provide guidance for services seeking change to increase the rate of kidney transplantation for their patients.

Receiving a deceased donor’s kidney

For information about the deceased donor waiting list, getting on the list or receiving a kidney, read the pamphlet on the Deceased organ donations and transplants page.

Research projects

Live Donor Renal Transplantation Cross Matches in 2016 in New Zealand and their Outcomes to Transplantation 

Review of the cross matches performed for the purpose of live kidney donation in the year 2016 in New Zealand and the outcomes of these donor and recipient pairs. 

Review of the New Zealand (NZ) experience with donation after circulatory death (DCD) kidney transplantations 2008-2016.

Review of the NZ national experience and outcomes with DCD kidney transplantations since its introduction in 2008. 


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