Terms of reference


To support provision of renal services to patients by:

  • Providing expert advice on all aspects of renal service provision
  • Identifying priorities for renal service development
  • Advising on renal service development at a DHB, regional or national level
  • Developing and maintaining renal care standards
  • Ensuring audit activities of renal services are undertaken regularly
  • Involving consumers in decision making
  • Promoting the monitoring of chronic kidney disease.


The National Renal Advisory Board (NRAB) reports, as appropriate (via documents or verbally), to renal departments, District Health Boards and the Ministry of Health.

Members of the NRAB, as representatives of their departments, institutions, professional bodies and consumer groups, provide input from these groups to the NRAB and from the NRAB back to these groups.


The following sub committees will report to the NRAB:

  • Audit & Standards

Professional bodies

The following professional bodies will report to the NRAB:

  • RSA Nursing Advisory Group
  • New Zealand Board of Dialysis Practice (NZBDP).
  • National Renal Transplant Service


The NRAB will have a sufficient membership to be able to represent and/or liaise with all relevant stakeholders in renal service provision.

The membership will consist of employees from various DHBs throughout NZ and be represented by the following:

  • 3 x renal physicians from major renal centres
  • 1 x renal physician from a smaller non metropolitan centre
  • 1 x paediatric practitioner
  • Chair of the NZ Nephrology Group [ex-officio] (ANZSN NZ chapter)
  • 2 x renal service manager representatives
  • 2 x representatives for Nursing (incl Chair RSA Nursing Advisory Group NZ Renal Society of Australasia)
  • 1 x representative for renal technicians (Chair of NZ BDP)
  • 1 x Chair of the National Renal Transplant Service [ex-officio]
  • 1 x representative of Kidney Health New Zealand [ex-officio]
  • 1 x Ministry of Health representative [ex-officio]
  • 1 x consumer group representative

The Chairperson

The chairperson will elected from the sitting Board members by the Board Members.  The Chairperson will hold the position for a term of 3 years.


The quorum will be five members, assuming that there is an appropriate representation according to the agenda for each meeting.

Term of membership

Two three-year terms is the maximum for any one member, including the role of chairperson unless agreement from the committee for exceptional circumstances.

Committee member


Original start date

Current term end date

Current members and their term of office.

Ian Dittmer

Large Centre


Chair Nov 2016

Nov 2020

Suetonia Palmer

ANZSN NZ Chapter

Nov 2018

Nov 2021

Balaji Jagannathan


March 2019

March 2022

Ashik Hayat

Small Centre

Nov 2018

Nov 2021

Catherine Tracy


Aug 2016

Aug 2019

Jane Ronaldson


Oct 2017

Oct 2020

Michael Campbell


August 2019

Ex officio (KHNZ)

Jon Hosking


November 2019

November 2022

Mark Hodge


Mar  2017


Brett Butterworth


May 2019

May 2022

Chris Hood

Large Centre


Nov 2020

Sue Riddle




Dee Hackett


Sept 2018

Sept 2021

Nick Cross



Ex officio (NRTS)

Jenny Walker

Large Centre

Nov 2016

Nov 2019

Establishment of memberships

In establishing and maintaining membership of the NRAB:

  • Nominations for new membership to be either identified by the members of the NRAB or sought from the relevant groups
  • All applications for membership to the NRAB will be accepted by the Chairperson
  • The NRAB will review its membership annually at the first meeting of the year and take the appropriate action to ensure the Board is represented accordingly
  • At the annual review of current membership, each existing member will complete a conflict of interest declaration form
  • Further identified expertise will be co-opted as required, for a defined period to be specified at the time of co-opting (for example primary care).


NRAB meetings will be held four times a year, with interim teleconferences arranged if appropriate.


The board will survey members at the start of each year to ascertain the provision of secretarial services to enable this committee to communicate and function effectively. 

Minutes and agendas

An Agenda pack, including all support meeting papers, will be circulated one week prior to the meeting.

Draft minutes of each meeting, which have been previewed by the Chairperson, will be circulated to all relevant stakeholders within two weeks for comment on any final changes.


Apologies must be communicated to the Chairperson of the committee (or secretariat) in advance of the meeting, where appropriate forwarding any comments, concerns and or queries to the secretary for inclusion to the meeting.

Meeting fees

Attendance fees and travel costs will be met in accordance with Ministry of Health policy for non-DHB members.

Declarations of conflict of interest

NRAB members must declare if they believe they have a conflict of interest on a subject, which will prevent them from reaching an impartial decision or undertaking an activity consistent with the Advisory Group’s functions. At this point the member should withdraw themselves from the discussion and/or activity.


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