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Dialysis and Transplant Standards and Audits


Standards for Viral testing in HD units

2015 Electrical Standards for Home Dialysis

Home dialysis patients as medically dependent electricity consumers

Access to Renal Replacement Programmes in New Zealand

This document is intended to provide general guidance to health funders, providers and the public regarding assessment and decision making for patients with advanced kidney failure where renal replacement therapy is under consideration.

New Zealand’s renal services: Towards a national strategic plan – A scoping document

This scoping paper from the NRAB highlights for DHB CEOs’ attention a range of key issues facing the renal sector in New Zealand, and presents the case for developing a national strategic framework for renal services.

The Demand for Renal Replacement Therapy: Projections for 2005–2019

The objectives of this study were to:

  1. Project incident and prevalent renal replacement therapy (RRT) rates and counts from 2000–04 to 2015–19
  2. Estimate the contribution of demographic and non-demographic drivers to the trend in demand (count).


Immunisation for adults pre-dialysis, on dialysis or pre-/post-kidney transplantation

Vaccination schedule for all patients being considered for kidney transplantation and for those who already have a kidney transplant.

NZ Kidney Allocation Scheme protocol

The New Zealand Kidney Allocation Scheme (NZKAS) is used to determine the allocation of deceased donor kidneys and non-directed donor kidneys.

Algorithm for probability of 5-year post-transplant survival in New Zealand

The Algorithm for probability of 5-year post-transplant survival in New Zealand is used by clinical specialists to calculate the probability of 5-year survival post renal transplant.

Improvements in Live Kidney Donation project

Maori Pacific Attitudes Towards Transplantation: Professional Perspectives

This report provides a summary of renal departments’ experiences of working with Maori and Pacific people on transplantation, with a brief summary of renal departments’ views on the reasons for the observed disparities.


Roles and Responsibilities of Renal Technicians

This document defines the authorised scope of the role of the renal technicians at a specific District Health Board.

Dialysis Practice for Clinical Renal Physiologist/Technologists

This handbook contains Clinical Renal Physiologist/Technologist competencies, scopes of practice, code of ethics, registration, certification, recertification/continuous professional development program (CPD) and training standards.

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