National Information Clinical Leadership Group

A key challenge to sharing health information is consistently advancing the development and use of clinical information systems on a national basis.

The National Information Clinical Leadership Group (NICLG) recognises clinical leadership and advice is required at a national level for eHealth projects. NICLG champion, identify, and endorse quality clinical processes and standards for information systems at a national level.

NICLG has representatives from a variety of professional bodies and colleges, providing leadership and support for clinicians in New Zealand.


NICLG’s aims are to:

  • improve the quality of clinical process and practices, through standardisation and the use of information solutions that support and enable good practice for clinicians
  • recognise established good practice from around the health sector and provide national leadership and support to ensure this is leveraged for the benefit of the wider sector.


NICLG has input to a wide range of clinical process and information solutions including:

  • clinical decision support
  • safe medications management
  • safe sharing of information
  • transfer of care
  • health innovations.

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