Healthcare Associated Infections Governance Group

Health care associated infection is one of the most frequent adverse events in health care worldwide and a cause of significant morbidity and increased health care costs.

These adverse events cause unnecessary pain and suffering for patients and their families, negatively impact the quality of life of those who receive residential care, prolong hospital stays and are costly to the health system.

In April 2012 the Ministry of Health convened the Healthcare Associated Infections Governance Group (HAIGG). The objective of the HAIGG is ‘to provide national leadership and set direction for the Ministry of Health on the clinical, scientific, and strategic aspects of surveillance, infection prevention and control, antimicrobial resistance, and new and emerging threats to the health of New Zealanders, with the aim of reducing harm and cost to society from infections associated with healthcare exposure’.

The HAIGG is established by and accountable to the Director-General of Health.

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