Health Sector Architects Group

Our Health Sector Architecture comprises architectural principles, standards, directives and models.

We have a growing Health Sector Architecture, comprising architectural principles, standards, directives and models. The Health Sector Architecture is based on the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

The Health Sector Architecture directions and priorities are set in relation to the sector ICT strategy and Digital Health 2020.

The Health Sector Architecture ultimately supports delivery of the NZ Health Strategy. Technical working groups are formed on a case-by-case basis by the Health Sector Architects Group to provide a specialist focus on a particular domain area or to progress a specific technology initiative or innovation. Working groups contribute to the development and application of the Health Sector Architecture.

Health Sector Architecture Group membership is open to architects and technical people across the public and private sector.

The Health Sector Architects Group Executive is the elected subgroup that meets monthly to organise Health Sector Architects Group activity.

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