Clinical leadership

The Ministry's clinical leaders provide clinical leadership and advice and are likely to have professional backgrounds. The provision of practical, clinical and technical advice is key to helping New Zealanders live longer, healthier and more independent lives.

Executive Leadership Team

There are three clinical leadership roles within the Ministry’s executive leadership team – the Chief Medical Officer, the Chief Nursing Officer and the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer. Working in partnership, these roles are the key point of contact for clinical input and strategic professional advice to the Ministry, Ministers and the wider health and disability sector.

Roles that have a statutory function

There are also clinical leadership roles within the Ministry which have functions set out in law.

These include the Director of Public Health, the Director of Mental Health and the Director of Addiction Services.

Visit the Roles that have a statutory function page for more information.

Wider clinical leaders

In addition to the above there are a number of other clinical leaders within the Ministry with responsibilities for particular clinical areas or programmes:

  • Riana Clarke, National Clinical Director Oral Health
  • Paul Drury, Clinical Advisor Diabetes
  • Peter Jones, Chief Advisor
  • Chris McEwan, Clinical Leader Prioritisation
  • Jane O'Hallahan, Clinical Director National Screening Unit
  • Susan Parry, Clinical Director National Bowel Cancer Screening programme.
  • Bronwen Pelvin, Principal Advisor (Maternity)
  • Juliet Rumball-Smith, Clinical Chief Advisor
  • Alan Davis, Clinical Leader Stroke
  • Margaret Sage, Clinical Leader National Cervical Screening Programme – Pathology
  • Andi Shirtcliffe, Chief Advisor Pharmacy
  • Amanda Smith, Chief Advisor IDCC&R (Intellectual Disability Compulsory Care & Rehabilitation)
  • Dr Pete Watson, Chief Advisor Child & Youth Health
  • Phil Wood, Chief Advisor Healthy Ageing
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