Release of documents about the ‘Way Forward’ process

Publication Date: December 2018

The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) and Ministry of Health have been working closely for some months to re-set the relationship between the two organisations. As part of this process, both parties have acknowledged that the relationship was strained, and that a new way of working together was needed.

The Canterbury District Health Board and the Central Agencies: Where from and where to from here report (PDF, 818 KB) published here was written by Garry Wilson acting as independent facilitator. This report sets out the independent facilitator’s assessment and view of the previous relationship between the Ministry and CDHB.

The purpose of the Way Forward process was to reopen communication channels, and to provide the opportunity for both parties to work together to understand the post-quake health challenges facing the Canterbury region. The issues facing the Canterbury region are complex and substantial, and not every issue set out in the original assessment document has been carried forward.

To help understand the context that CDHB was operating under, the Way Forward work programme included:

  • reviewing how the population-based funding formula was applied and its impact on funding for CDHB
  • understanding the post-quake capital and infrastructure challenge, with a particular focus on capacity constraints and insurance coverage
  • the operational challenges facing CDHB and how this has affected service delivery
  • understanding the pressures facing the provision of mental health services and how to respond to this.

The subsequent progress made through the Way Forward process is outlined the follow-up report Update on Way Forward meetings – Ministry of Health and Canterbury DHB (PDF, 720 KB) also published here. This report shows that significant progress has been made toward understanding how the application of key policy settings and approaches which contributed to the current challenges facing the Canterbury region.

Both organisations have acknowledged the value of the Way Forward process and discussions and are committed to continuing to work together to progress a joint work programme. 

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