Overseas submissions on the plain packaging of tobacco products consultation

The attached information consists of the substantive written submissions received by the Ministry of Health from overseas.

As part of the consultation process a number of interest groups organised various forms and petitions that either indicated support for, or opposition to the proposals. These totalled around 20,000 (including submissions from within New Zealand) and are not included in this release.

Note that the released submissions are numbered. The numbering system used separately identifies submissions from New Zealand and overseas. The submissions from outside of New Zealand are marked with a ‘C’ after the number. 

Submissions 36C, 45C, 47C, 49C, 51C, 52C have been withheld under section 6(a) of the Act.

Personal details have been redacted (as indicated by the submitter) under section 9(2)(a) of the Act.

Index of submissions from outside New Zealand

For submissions from New Zealand, visit Local submissions on the plain packaging of tobacco products consultation.

For template submissions, visit Template submissions on the plain packaging of tobacco products consultation

  1. European Cigar Manufacturers Association (ECMA)
  2. Berkert paper
  3. National Heart Foundation of Australia
  4. Emergency Committee for American Trade
  5. Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand
  6. Amcor
  7. International Affairs Bureau, KEIDANREN
  8. Czech Association for Branded Products
  9. Action on Smoking and Health (UK)
  10. TSO Packaging Printers B.V.
  11. National Association of Manufacturers Washington, DC
  12. Japan Tobacco International
  13. Japan Intellectual Property association
  14. WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  15. Sava w/s,sava Duty Free
  16. ASH Australia
  17. U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  18. U.S. Council for International Business
  19. International Trademark Association
  21. Australian Council on Smoking and Health
  22. Ritmeester Cigars
  23. Economiesuisse - Swiss Business Federation
  24. International Chamber of Commerce
  25. National Foreign Trade Council
  27. Institute for Policy Innovation
  28. World Lung Foundation,
  29. Tabadom Holdings
  30. Oettinger Imex AG
  31. Davidoff
  32. Davidoff & Cie SA
  33. Agroindutrias Laepe,SA
  34. Zopag AG
  35. Cancer Council of WA
  36. Name withheld
  37. Am Cham
  38. Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  39. Individuals - Academics
  40. European Union of Chamber of Commerce
  41. Individual - Academic
  42. US- Asean Business Council
  43. Quit Victoria
  44. Australian Council on Smoking and Health
  45. Name withheld
  46. jcotes (cigar manufacturer)
  47. Name withheld
  48. Dannemann Cigarrenfabrik GmbH
  49. Name withheld
  50. Individual - Academic
  51. Name withheld
  52. Name withheld
  53. Unallocated
  54. Candian Cancer Society
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