Information provided to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction

The information and documents in this section were provided by the Ministry of Health to support the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction. The Inquiry’s final report can be found on the Inquiry website.

The provision of these documents was facilitated by active dialogue between the Ministry and the Inquiry secretariat, including meetings to explain and contextualise much of the data, trends and advice.

Due to the time-limited nature of the Inquiry, many of these documents were provided in draft form. These documents have been published in the state they were provided to the Inquiry including some PDFs. All documents and information should be considered to be draft versions, and not as final Government policy, unless otherwise stated.

The Ministry also referred the Inquiry to many previously published documents relating to mental health and addiction, which may be found in the Ministry’s publications database.

The Ministry’s advice on improving mental health and addiction outcomes for New Zealanders may be found in our submission to the Inquiry.

In this section

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