Infection prevention and control audits of managed isolation and quarantine facilities

Publication date: 18 December 2020

The Ministry of Health has today released the results of two audits into infection prevention and control (IPC) at managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities around New Zealand.

MIQ facilities are an important part of our border measures to keep COVID-19 out of the community. It’s critical to the health of the country that MIQ facilities are well-maintained and any infection brought in by people entering New Zealand cannot spread into the community.

The majority of recommendations for improvement in both audits were addressed within two weeks of the findings.

IPC requirements for all MIQFs are documented in a nationwide Operations Framework, which all facilities must adhere to unless there are specific local circumstances to take into account. The Operations Framework is supported by detailed Standard Operating Procedures.

You can see the table of audit results and two reports to the Minister below.

Audits will be ongoing.

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