Electronic access to your maternity information

When the new maternity information system is in place, you will be able to login to a secure website to see your summary maternity information.

The website will bring information together from various health professionals so you can view it in a summary record. It will be similar to the way you can see information from your different accounts on an online banking website. Information is brought together from a number of sources, and displayed in an easily viewed format.

You will also be able to see who else has accessed your information through the website.

Your access

Once the service is operating in your area, your midwife or GP will offer you access to the website.

If you want access, you will be given a username and sent an email with a log-in link. You will be able to set your password by following the link. You can use the username and password to log in in the future. You can still receive a print copy of your maternity notes if you wish.

If you do not want access, it is important you keep a copy of your maternity notes to take with you when you are attending appointments, in hospital and when being seen by your midwife at home after you have had your baby.

Health professional access

Once you book to have a birth with a public hospital that is using the new system, your information will be available to authorised health professionals caring for you and your baby.

Health professionals will access information either:

  • directly through their district health board’s computer system
  • remotely via a secure health professional’s portal.

If you choose not to register for online access to your information via the portal, the health professionals involved in your care can still share information about your care. Some health professionals, depending on the role they have in your care, may have access to only some of your health information.

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