Live-in treatment services

Information about the types of live-in services available for intensive help with alcohol or drug problems.

Who it's suitable for: Residential services, support houses and drug treatment units are for people who are finding it hard to management their alcohol or drug use in their daily lives.

Services won’t be able to help you if you contact them while you are intoxicated.

In crisis? If you are really sick, or concerned about someone’s condition call 111, ask for an ambulance.

Residential services

Residential services provide a live-in situation. The location of facilities is discrete and your privacy is respected.

Who it’s suitable for: If you’ve been trying to get off alcohol and or drugs for a long time but don’t feel you have any other options left to try. You are willing to live with others who are recovering from alcohol or drug addictions for a while.

What to expect: Live-in services for a set period of time, at least fours week. Provision of ongoing high-level support services. Read more about residential treatment centres and watch a video about how it supports your recovery – Drug Help website

Provided by: Non-government organisations, private clinics.

Cost: Most residential services are free. Private clinics charge a fee. If you're unsure, ask if there is a fee.

How to access:

Support houses

 A support house is like a half-way house that that offers extra support while you go through recovery.

Who it’s suitable for: Either you may be waiting to start a residential live-in programme, or you may have finished a programme but are not quite ready to return to your usual living situation.

What to expect: Live with others in a drug and alcohol free home and recieve support during your recovery.

Provided by: NGOs and private providers.

Cost: There may be some charge. There may be financial help with living expenses so check with Work and Income.

How to access: For information about support house options contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline:

Live-in won't work for you?

There are other options if a residential service option, for whatever reason, is not suitable for you. Read about intensive out-patient programmes (day programmes).

Drug treatment units

Who it’s suitable for: If you are in prison and would like to be alcohol free or drug free.

What to expect: This is a group programme.

Provided by: Specialised units – Department of Corrections website

Cost: Free.

How to access: Talk to your case manager in prison and ask to be referred to the Drug Treatment Unit. You may have to fit certain criteria to access this service.


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