Quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health – and that of your family or friends.

Smoking kills more people in NZ each year than road crashes, alcohol, other drugs, AIDS, suicide, murder, drowning and earthquakes – all put together!
Smokefree – Not Our Future

Non-smokers are at risk too – 350 deaths per year (plus a number of diseases and illnesses) are estimated to be from past exposure to second-hand smoke in New Zealand. One aim of smokefree law is to protect all workers and the public from second-hand smoke.

Presented by Dr Hayden McRobbie.

What is in a cigarette?

X-ray image of the lungs. There are over 4000 identified chemicals in cigarette smoke. Three of these chemicals are hexamine, acetone and arsenic – hexamine is used in paint and lacquers, arsenic is used for rat poison, and acetone is used in nail polish remover.

Do you really want these chemicals in your lungs? For more information about what is in cigarettes, go to Not Our Future – Poisons in cigarettes.

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