Treatments and surgery

Sometimes you’ll need medication to treat a health problem. Or you may require surgery. Learn more about treatments from the pages below.

If you want to know more about how a specific health problem is treated, look for it in Diseases and illnesses.

In this section

  • Questions and answers on breast implants and the issues around PIP implants. Read more
  • The following videos contains valuable information for people who are about to have a hip and knee replacements. Read more
  • We usually think of radiation as something to be avoided. But in some cases radiation can help us. X-rays help doctors to diagnose health problems. Radiation treatment can help to destroy cancer. Read more
  • Learn about getting medicines in New Zealand, how much prescription medicines cost, and how to take medicine safely. Read more
  • You need to take care after surgery to ensure you recover properly. Find out what to do if you have problems after an operation. Read more
  • Information about donating a kidney or part of a liver, the financial assistance available for eligible live donors, including backdated compensation payments. Read more
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