NHI Number Format Change: Public Comment document

Submissions close 5.00 pm, Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Published online: 
09 October 2017

A format change is proposed for the NHI number.  This is based on the need to extend the range of NHI numbers available for future use.  The effect of this change will be significant.

Note: An ‘effective from’ date is yet to be determined for the implementation of this change. This public comment process is to communicate the purpose and nature of the proposed change.

HISO 10046 Consumer Health Identity Standard is the standard that describes the present NHI number format, and would be updated to reflect the agreed new format.

For the current version of the Consumer Health Identity Standard go to: HISO 10046 Consumer Health Identity Standard

How to have your say

The closing date for submissions is 5.00 pm, Tuesday 14 November 2017.

Comments are invited on the purpose, technical details and implementation of the proposed change.

Please use the template included at the beginning of the public comment document to record your comments.  Be sure to quote the relevant paragraph number. Include a reason for any change or additional data elements you propose. Unfortunately, we cannot accept marked-up copies of the document itself.

In your submission, please clearly identity yourself and the organisation (if any) that you are representing. Submissions should be emailed to standards@health.govt.nz by 14 November 2017.

A working group will consider all submissions and agree on any changes to the document. Further public comment is expected to be sought before a final decision is made.

Note: this draft is released for public comment only. It is not a published document.



We may publish submissions on the Ministry's website, unless you have asked us not to. If you are submitting as an individual, we will automatically remove your personal details and any identifiable information. You can chose to have your personal details withheld if your submission is requested under the Official Information Act.

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