National Enrolment Service roll out and support

Updates on the National Enrolment Service transition and implementation.

This page is designed to provide updates and support documents for primary health organisation and general practice staff on the roll-out of the National Enrolment Service and transition to business-as-usual.

Support Documents

General Information about NES for NES Users

NES Gap Catch-Up Utility

These documents contain important information for MedTech users on the Gap catch-up utility.

The practice register exported by the practice to the PHO is loaded into NES each quarter until the practice goes live on NES.  Once a practice has gone live, the Gap Catch-Up Utility must be run to ensure all enrolment activity that has occurred in the PMS since the export date until the Go-Live date is updated in NES.

The Gap Catch-Up Utility should only be run once. After it is run, all NES updates should be made from the PMS. If for any reason NES is disabled for a period of time, and enrolment changes occur within the practice during the disablement, the Gap Catch-Up Utility can be run again to capture those changes. These documents also cover the process in those circumstances.

Updating Patient Ethnicity Information

These documents provide information on what you should do when the ethnicity in your Practice Management System is different from the ethnicity shown on the NHI for an existing patient or when the ethnicity on the enrolment form is not the same as the ethnicity shown on the NHI for a new patient.

Enrolling Patients and How to Resolve Enrolment Issues using NES

This document provides information for MedTech users on how to populate the enrolment funding tab (F3 screen) with enrolment ID, start date and expiry date. This only applies to patients that were loaded into the NES national database prior to your practice going live on NES.

This guide provides information on how to use NES to triage and resolve enrolment issues within the practice.

When you need to pre-enrol a baby or when a parent enrols their baby you will need to find the baby on the NHI. This guide provides information on how to avoid duplicating NHI numbers for babies.

Update Twenty: September 2017

In this update:

  • Progress update
  • Important Reminders and Actions/ Next Steps for PHOs and Practices
  • Vendor Update
  • Update on the Patient Experience Survey
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