Tobacco control services realignment: Guiding coalition

The tobacco control realignment process includes advice from a Guiding Coalition, made up of representatives from around the sector.

The Guiding Coalition will provide assistance and advice to guide the Ministry of Health’s realignment and re-tendering of a range of tobacco control services encompassing health promotion, leadership and advocacy services, and treatment services.

Guiding Coalition members

  • Margie Apa
  • Dr Lance O’Sullivan
  • Fay Selby-Law
  • Professor Richard Edwards
  • Ben Youdan
  • Dr Ashley Bloomfield
  • Dwayne Tamatea
  • Maxine Shortland
  • Professor Marewa Glover
  • Nigel Chee
  • Papatuanuku Nahi
  • Stephanie Erick
  • Louisa Ryan
  • Kim Tito
  • Lance Norman
  • Professor  Chris Bullen
  • Tracey Wright-Tawha
  • Dr John McMenamin
  • Joanna Houston
  • Teresea Olsen
  • Janet Hoek

Meetings and minutes

You can read the Guiding Coalition's meeting minutes below.

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