Food and Beverage Classification System

Fuelled4life is the brand name for the Food and Beverage Classification System (FBCS) and is managed by the Heart Foundation. It is a collaborative initiative that involves the education, health and food industry sectors working together to make it easier to have healthier food in schools and early childhood education (ECE) services.

The FBCS was designed specifically for foods and beverages children commonly consume in an education setting. Foods and beverages are classified according to their nutrient profile and the system identifies the healthier options. Foods and beverages are divided into two levels for registration: everyday and sometimes.

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A Buyers’ Guide of recommended foods and beverages is available at the Fuelled4life website.

Fuelled4life is a free practical tool giving schools and ECE services a head start in providing healthier food. For people involved in selecting foods and drinks for menus, canteens, tuckshops, vending machines, fundraisers and other special events Fuelled4life identifies the healthier options.

The Fuelled4life website provides tips, nutritious and delicious recipes, special deals and information on ways to improve key nutrition components at schools or ECE services.

How can schools and ECE services get involved?

Schools and ECE services can sign-up to Fuelled4life at the Fuelled4life website or contact the programme manager Larissa Beeby by email or phone (09) 526 84550 for more information.

How can food companies get involved?

Go to the Fuelled4life website or contact the Heart Foundation – email or phone Larissa Beeby (09) 526 8550 for Fuelled4life product registration application forms and for more information on the Food and Beverage Classification System.

Nutrient framework

The Food and Beverage Classification System nutrient framework for schools and ECE services is available from the Heart Foundation. Please contact for a copy.


For catering and recipe resources for school and ECE services got to the Fuelled4life website.


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