Working as a nurse in New Zealand

New Zealand offers unique opportunities for registered nurses to practice in a diverse range of nursing practice areas, in a variety of settings.

You can also work as a nurse manager, in nurse education, as a nurse researcher or as a nurse practitioner.

In this section

  • Registered nurses who have gained their registration in countries other than New Zealand need to apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand before being able to practice as a registered nurse in New Zealand.  Read more
  • The Nursing Council assesses each applicant on an individual basis and does not operate a system of reciprocal registration or enrolment except for Australian applicants who meet the requirements of the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (1988). Read more
  • Overseas nurses wishing to work in New Zealand may need to apply to the New Zealand Immigration Service for a work visa. Read more
  • New Zealand offers a huge variety of recreational, cultural and leisure experiences and is well known for its natural beauty. This page lists websites on living and working in New Zealand. Read more