Evaluation of problem gambling intervention services

Research Organisation: Auckland University of Technology 
Principal Researcher: Dr Maria Bellringer

Contract Value: $259,787 (excluding GST)
Contract Start date: 10 September 2008
Contract End date: 30 March 2010

Summary of project/aims

This project was contracted to address four priorities:

  • Review and analysis of national service statistics and client data to inform workforce development, evaluation of Ministry systems and processes, and other aspects of this project
  • Process and outcome evaluation of the effect of different pathways to problem gambling services on client outcomes and service delivery
  • Process and outcome evaluation of distinct intervention services
  • Process and outcome evaluation of the roll-out and implementation of Facilitation Services.

The Ministry agreed to three stages for the evaluation:

  • Stage one involving primarily a desktop analysis of national data sets for the 2007/08 financial year (CLIC and Helpline data)
  • Stage two involving key stakeholder input and further analysis of data from providers and other sources on relevant delivery from 1 January to 30 June 2008.
  • Stage three involving a review and comparative analysis of 2008/09 service delivery and national data trends (available August 2009) against initial findings.

Phase one and two report:

The report was finalised on 10 March 2009

Phase three report:

The report was finalised on 3 September 2010
Download the finalised phase three report for this project

Download the Ministry’s letter of response to the final phase three report for this project:

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