Child health

Good child health is important not only for children and families now, but also for good health later in adulthood.

A number of the risk factors for many adult diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some mental health conditions such as depression, arise in childhood. Child health, development and wellbeing also has broader effects on educational achievement, violence, crime and unemployment.

This section provides information for child health service providers to help support their care of children/tamariki.

In this section

  • The Well Child/Tamariki Ora service provides health education and promotion, health protection and clinical assessment, and family/whānau support. Read more
  • The B4 School Check is a nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for four year olds. It is the twelfth core contact of the Well Child Tamariki Ora Schedule of services. Read more
  • Health Promoting Schools is an approach where the whole school community works together to address the health and wellbeing of students, staff and their community. It was developed by the World Health Organization in the late 1980s and has been running in New Zealand since 1991. Read more
  • Documents published by the Ministry on child health in New Zealand. Read more
  • Chart showing the core publicly funded health services available to New Zealand families from preconception to six years of age. Read more
  • Encouraging adults to volunteer to mentor young people is one of the initiatives from the Government’s Children’s Action Plan. A range of youth mentoring programmes are being promoted as part of the initiative. Read more