National Travel Assistance Scheme

The National Travel Assistance Scheme helps people financially who are referred by their specialist to see another specialist, and need to travel long distances or travel frequently. The specialists must both be part of a government-funded health and disability service.

The following Guide to the National Travel Assistance Policy provides information on aspects of the National Travel Assistance (NTA) Policy 2005 that requires clarification. It will be of use to district health boards (DHBs), and people who are referred long distances and/or frequently for specialist health and disability services.

Guide to the National Travel Assistance Policy

From time to time this guide is updated and revised by Ministry of Health in conjunction with the DHB NTA reference group. Some sections of this NTA Policy Guide may differ from the NTA Policy 2005. This is because the NTA reference group members use this Policy Guide document as a means to clarify and update aspects of the NTA Policy 2005.

No single section of this guide should be read in isolation without considering the other sections and the intent of the NTA Policy 2005. For clarification of any aspects of this guide, please contact the Ministry's NTA call centre on freephone: 0800 281 222 (press option 2) or email:

Protocol for reimbursement of costs for live donors

A new protocol for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for live organ donors has been developed. It should be read in conjunction with the Guide to the NTA Policy 2005. Download the protocol as a Word or PDF version:

Go to Organ donor resources to find out more.

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