Patient portals

Patient portals are secure online sites, provided by GPs, where patients can access their health information and interact with their general practice. As of May 2017, nearly 340,000 kiwis were using patient portals, and they were offered in nearly 50 percent of general practices.

The latest update on patient portal uptake is now available: Patient portal uptake report, March 2017 (PDF, 1.6 MB)


Patient portals give people convenient and secure electronic access to their  health information, increasing their ability to manage their own health care

Portals can allow patients to:

  • request repeat prescriptions
  • book appointments
  • see their lab results
  • see their GP's clinical notes
  • see their current diagnosis
  • see a list of their medical conditions
  • see a list of the medications they are on
  • see their immunisation and vaccination history
  • receive reminders and recalls from the practice team
  • send and receive secure messages to and from their GP or a practice nurse.

Find out which general practice has a patient portal:


  • The Ministry is working with primary health organisations (PHOs) and general practices to ensure they are able to provide patients with a portal.
  • Eight eHealth Ambassadors support GPs through the process of implementing a patient portal.



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