Digital health standards and governance

Health information standards, common technologies, secure IT systems and environments and information governance all support the delivery of Digital Health 2020.

In this section

  • Browse through our standards development, maintenance and review processes, the current approved and endorsed standards, and the standards undergoing development. Read more
  • Improvements are needed to the way health information is governed, managed and made available for use in New Zealand Read more
  • The Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) has described ICT common capability as any technology that could be used by more than one agency, or across the whole of government, to support the delivery of business outcomes Read more
  • Guidance from the Ministry on the use of cloud or hosted services in the health sector for managing personal health information. Read more
  • Connected Health refers to the IT systems and environments that securely share health information. Read more
  • Interoperability is essential to ensure that data and information can be accessed by clinicians, patients and their carers whilst ensuring relevant standards, privacy and security requirements are met. Read more
  • The Ministry, with sector stakeholders, has developed Guidance on Evaluating or Developing a Health App.   Read more
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