Project Team Starts on Grey Hospital Design

Media release

16 September 2014

The project team responsible for designing the new Grey Base Hospital has been appointed and is starting to work with hospital user groups, according to Cathy Cooney, chair of the West Coast Hospital Redevelopment Partnership Group.

Included in the appointments are:

  • CCM Architects supported by Jacobs (Health Planners) and Wayne Kelsall, a local Greymouth Architect.
  • Quantity Surveyor Davis Langdon
  • Project managers from Johnstaff

Further appointments will be made for other services such as engineering, planning advice and other specialist areas.

The project team will work with the government-appointed HRPG, the West Coast District Health Board and user groups over the next nine to ten months in designing the new hospital. Construction is expected to start by the end of 2015, with building to be completed in 2017.   

The government has allocated $68 million to rebuilding the hospital, which will include a 24/7 Emergency Department; a critical care unit; an integrated family health centre; three operating theatres; 24/7 acute general surgery facilities; and a 24/7 obstetric unit.  The new hospital will also offer daytime orthopaedic surgery and elective (planned) surgery for low to moderately complex operations.

The current 45 year-old hospital is in need of a significant upgrade but is uneconomic to repair. “The new hospital will be much better equipped to provide modern healthcare. It will be more efficient and flexible, so that the building can be adapted as technology and care delivery changes in the future,”  Ms Cooney says.

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