Strategic prioritisation

Our strategic prioritisation function is focused on the assessment of emerging and existing health technologies and models of care in order to inform investment and disinvestment decisions by district health boards and the wider health and disability sector.

We have taken over this role from the National Health Committee, which was disestablished in March 2016.

How we can help

At present our activities are focused on responding to requests for advice on new health care technologies and model of care changes that are, or could have, an impact on health care in the short to medium term. We aim to inform the debate about whether an intervention is likely to deliver good results for patients, can be integrated into existing health care and represents good value for money.

Over time, we intend to grow the scope of our operations to include proactive research. While we look to develop and grow the function, we have put in place an interim operating model.

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Current assessments

The Ministry is currently progressing assessments relating to intraoperative radiation therapy treatment and age-related macular degeneration models of care. Assessments will look at factors relating to desirability, feasibility and viability. 


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