Health Research Strategy

New Zealand’s first health research strategy is currently being developed. Read about its purpose and consultation updates.

The New Zealand Health Research Strategy is being developed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE), along with the Health Research Council.

Purpose of the strategy

The strategy will provide a vision for health research over the next 10 years and set out the priorities and actions to achieve this.

The health research strategy will seek to build a more cohesive and connected health research and innovation system. It will enhance the uptake of health research results to improve health outcomes and maximise the economic and scientific benefits from our internationally recognised strengths in health research. This will also improve our ability to attract and retain health researchers, including clinicians with an interest in health research.

Five themes

Health research is an important component of both New Zealand’s science system and health system.

Health research can make important contributions to delivering on the five strategic themes of the New Zealand Health Strategy:

  • people-powered
  • closer to home
  • value and high performance
  • one team, and
  • smart system. 


The National Statement of Science Investment recognises New Zealand’s significant strengths in health research and seeks to increase funding to the sector over time.  The Government has committed to growing investment in research and development (R&D) to 0.8% of GDP.

On 17 May 2016, the Minister of Science and Innovation and the Minister of Health announced a $97 million increase in funding over four years to the Health Research Council.  Ministers also released the New Zealand Health Research Strategy public discussion document on the development of the New Zealand health research strategy.

Public consultation

Over the consultation period officials held a series of public meetings and focus group discussions. Submissions on the public discussion document closed on July 29 2016.  

The Ministry of Health and MBIE received 166 submissions.

Summary of submissions and consultations

The summary of submissions and consultation presents the analysis of the submissions received on the public discussion document and the key themes that emerged from public consultations and focus groups.

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